Marble Book ( Includes Marbles Classic Games)

Here is a book steeped in the know-how, culture, lore, and trivia of this simple, easy-to-learn, play-anywhere game. 

The Marble Book is fun and complete, with its 30 marbles and 2 shooters packed in a drawstring pouch, its extensive marble lingo, over 50 games, and a chapter on collecting. It tells the proper way to shoot, including how to use backspin, how to set up a game, and the best places to play (the dirt, of course, although asphalt and linoleum are pretty good).

Then come the games, from Ringer, the official game played at the National Marbles Tournament, to Poison, Dobblers, and Old Bowler, the game favored by Abraham Lincoln. It's everything kids need to knuckle down and play for keepsies.


Amazon customer reviews of Marble Book ( Includes Marbles Classic Games)

  • I bought this so I could teach my 6 year old grandson how to play marbles. This book opened my eyes to so many other games and information that I wanted to keep it for myself
  • "The Marble Book" gives a good history of marbles and how they have been made and played. There are a lot of fun facts and anecdotes. While all the photos are black and white, it is well illustrated and is an enjoyable read. Rules for a number of marble games are provided, as well as the meaning of different terms used in playing marbles. It is also just the right size to put in your pocket and carry with you. It also gives tips on collecting marbles.
Marble Book ( Includes Marbles Classic Games)