Rory's Story Cubes

Have you Discovered Rory's Story Cubes Yet?

If you are looking for a versatile game that is easy to learn and will keep kids of all ages amused for hours - look no further than this creative storytelling game.


What Are Rory's Story Cubes?

The original Rory's Story Cubes set is the best one to start with; 9 cubes – totaling 54 faces, each of which carries a different image eg. a house, lightning, a plane, a turtle, fire, a key and so on. Together they offer a staggering 1 million different image combinations – how about that for variety?!


How to Play Rory's Story Cubes?

Playing couldn’t be simpler; each player just throws all 9 dice and then weaves the images on the uppermost face into a story.


Story CubesThere are three different nine cube sets; Original, Actions and Voyages these are the basis of your game and can be supplemented by additional themes. To do this you remove three dice from the 'main' set and introduce an extra dimension by substituting three dice from one of the 'mix' sets which have titles such as Enchanted, Prehistoria and Clues.


November 2014 sees the launch of three new mix titles; Intergalactic, Score and Medic. So look out for these as they are a great way to breathe new life into the game if you've had it for a while.


When to Play Rory's Story Cubes

We love the fact that it is small and portable making it great for long journeys, a rainy afternoon at home or even to fill up time while waiting for food at a restaurant.


Why we Love Rory's Story Cubes

This game is so simple and yet it has become a much loved family favorite across the world. Adults love it because it's educational; kids love it because it's fun! You can play them alone or with family and friends. It's a non-competitive game too so there's no falling out either!

Although marketed for age 6 and up we know many 4 year olds as well as adults who also enjoy taking part. It really is good for any age or level of sophistication.

Some people use the game as a starting point for additional activities – perhaps to write the next chapter of the story or finish off another player's story.

These cubes are great to trigger creative thinking and there are so many options that it never gets stale! You can agree to have a serious, scary or fun theme to your stories to make it harder or more interesting. You can decide that the stories need acting out or sung! We've even heard of people who challenge themselves to story-tell in a foreign language!

However you use these cubes we are sure that they will bring hours of enjoyment into your home.