Pop A Pitch

The Pop A Pitch is designed to improve hand & eye coordination skills. Simply step on the foot peddle and get into your batting stance. The unit will release the ball into the strike zone each and every time for consistent swing training. The Pop A Pitch is ideal for young players learning how to become better players.

- Durable ABS plastic construction

- Includes 3 AERO-STRIKE plastic baseballs

- 25 inch collapsible telescopic plastic bat

- Auto ball feeder for multiple swing action practice

- Assembles in seconds

Amazon customer reviews of Pop A Pitch

  • Works beautifully and the grands love it and so do their parents! This toys is spring loaded and requiers no batteries. Love it!
  • My son has had this for years, and even though he's on a travel baseball team, still plays with this. I actually bought this one on Amazon as a gift for his younger cousin, who brings this out every time he comes over. Actually, all of the neighborhood kids play with this. It has really held up over the years, and is a fun, basic toy.
  • This thing is a HUGE hit for ALL ages!! I bought it for my nephew who is 3-and-a-half and loves baseball. Before I wrapped it, I showed it to my 23-year old brother and he asked if he could try it (no!). While I was wrapping it, I showed it to my 28-year old fiance and he asked if he could try it (no!).I told my 52-year old stepdad about it and he asked where he could get one. When my nephew opened it, everyone fought over playing with it (including his 5-and-a-half year old sister and 18-month old brother). Fortunately my nephew shared and I even got in on the action - it was REALLY fun!!!!  We put it together in 5 minutes or less and there are no batteries that I saw. You simply step on the pedal and in a second or two, the ball pops up. The balls are pretty soft (we were playing with it in Grandma's living room with a Christmas tree nearby and people everywhere). The bat is a little bit harder plastic, which I learned the hard way.... 
    Seriously, this thing is such a great value! Had I known, I would have just bought one for every person in my family since they all wanted to play with it so much! I would have saved some money!



Pop A Pitch