Orion Build-A-Scope 8" Classic Dobsonian Telescope

If you're just starting out in the hobby, our standard Dobsonian configurations (either Classic or IntelliScope) may meet your needs and are available for fastest shipping. But, if you want the telescope that you've always wanted, customized the way you'd like it — then an Orion Build-A-Scope is for you!  It's easy to Build-A-Scope and save money, so get started building that dream telescope now! Start with this 8" aperture, 1200mm focal length reflector telescope optical tube and the ultra-stable Dobsonian base; 
Add the Orion-brand focuser, finder scope, and initial eyepiece that YOU want - Add additional Orion-brand telescopes eyepieces, Accessorize even further with any Orion-brand filters, collimating tools, Barlow lenses, padded case, and more! Get the SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian telescope of your dreams! 

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