Orion 25x30 Brass Hand Telescope

This classical brass hand telescope recalls the days when the ships that sailed the high seas did, quite literally, sail. Today this classy brass telescope lets you survey boats from the shore or peer in on a robin's nest from the porch, all with an added touch of elegance thanks to its brass finish. It's fully multi-coated, achromatic glass optics are contained in a four-section telescoping tube of polished brass that extends for viewing and collapses for convenient, compact storage and portability. 

For long-distance daytime viewing with a 1.1-degree field of view and magnification of 25-power, this scope brings distant subjects clearly into focus. This hand-held telescope features a long, 18.8mm eye relief so you can see the entire field-of-view even while wearing corrective eyeglasses or sunglasses. You can use the Orion 25x30 Brass Hand Telescope to focus on objects as close as 16.4 feet away. 

When fully extended, the 4-section Orion Brass Hand Telescope measures 13" (330mm) in length. When collapsed, the 25x30 Brass Hand Telescope measures 5 3/8" (136mm) for easy storage in a pocket, backpack or glove compartment. Comes with a vinyl case with belt loop and hand strap for storage and transport. Weighs 9.2 ounces

A great gift for anyone who enjoys exploring the outdoors, the Orion 25x30 Brass Hand Telescope also makes a great addition to any pirate or sailor costume for kids age 9 and older!

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