My Monopoly – Your Very Own Personalized Monopoly Game

Hasbro’s My Monopoly game is a unique idea that is sure to intrigue Monopoly fans young and old.


The Changing Face of Monopoly

Monopoly is the master of invention – over the years the game has morphed into specialist versions (Barbie, Simpsons, Batman and World Cup to name just a few). It has 20 own language versions across 27 countries and there's even a braille version.

Monopoly still captures the imagination of today's online generation, with more than 10 million mobile phone game downloads to date. My Monopoly is a great new addition to this creative and ever-growing selection of Monopoly variations so let's find out more about it.


What is My Monopoly?

My Monopoly is basically a kit that allows you to customize and personalize your own game of Monopoly. It lets you create a custom game using downloaded photos that are printed on to stickers and attached to the board. 

You can also personalize the Community Chest and Chance game cards as well as player pieces. So ditch the dog and hat, you can now clip player photos on to each token - so moving another player's piece will become a thing of the past!


More Fun

This personal twist on a much loved classic will go down great for birthday and wedding presents.

The fun starts even before you play – get the kids involved in choosing your favourite photos of family, friends and even pets! For added laughs be sure to include some silly, quirky ones too. Maybe you could even take some new photos especially for the game!

There's a great fun and novelty factor here which should go down well with the whole family.

If you want the personalized gaming experience buy My Monopoly here.