Let's Get the Kids Dirty!!

Do you remember the days when kids used to run home from school, grab a glass of milk and a cookie and then run back outside to play?

It seems like an age of innocence has passed us by and that modern life has cultivated a 'plugged in', sedentary childhood. If you hanker for your family to be closer to nature then 'I Love Dirt-5 Activities to help you and your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature' is the book for you.



What does the book cover?

'I Love Dirt' presents 52 activities that are designed to help kids appreciate nature and for whole families, to enjoy 'the big outdoors'.

It is split up into the four seasons - providing ideas of things to do outside at different times of year - based around the weather, insects, leaves, rocks, water, birds and more.

Each short activity is designed to help your kids connect with nature, arouse their excitement and stimulate their senses.

Who will benefit from this book?

These fun activities can be carried out whether you live in the city - and are out at the local park – or are on a family vacation in the countryside.

Wherever you venture, this book could help you create some very special family memories.

Although the book seems to be mainly geared towards pre-schoolers through to around 3rd grade, it could also be enjoyed by older kids as it does touch upon natural science so can work at different levels and ages.

There's something timeless and nostalgic about the pursuits contained in this humble little book that makes me feel as if it is ideally suited to fostering stronger relationships between visiting grandparents and their grandchildren.

Simplicity itself!

It's all very simple really. Some may say too simple, in that it could attract the criticism that many of the activities are very obvious. However if your kids don't have untapped access to the countryside, have heavily scheduled lives or simply need prompting to be inquisitive about nature - then the book is ideal. Let's face it, we've all gotten a little out of touch with nature's simple pleasures and this book can ease us back into enjoying outside activities. It introduces ways to have fun without any electronic gadgets in sight and what's more, all for free! 

Overall 'I Love Dirt-5 Activities to help you and your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature' is great for city dwellers who may need a trigger to exit their routines and just amble in the countryside. It will give them ideas and a focus for family walks or days out with the kids and has the potential to get everyone more in touch with nature.

This is a quiet, unassuming little book which whispers rather than shouts; a perfect antidote for those with an urban, hi-tech lifestyle who suspect that life can serve up more.