How to Make Balloon Animals

How to Make Balloon Animals

Be the life of the party with the Balloon Animals Kit! Dazzle your friends and other partygoers as you whip out bunnies, dogs or teddy bears.

Great for parties or just to have fun. Make all kinds of Balloon Animals. Instruction booklet included.


Amazon customer reviews of How to Make Balloon Animals

  • My 8 year-old took the manual, and figured out how to make all the animals on her own, and in a matter of minutes for each animal. I was really impressed. She was very much inspired, and began making her own creations, including a 3-ring crown hat with embellishments on the sides!!! The photos are black and white, but absolutely understandable. I wasn't even in the room when my daughter made the creations. Perfect for beginner!
  • Great step-by-step instructions that my 8 year old can read and follow herself. She feels very accomplished after finishing each animal.
  • I love these, My Son adores making balloon animals although he does get frustrated. It's great fun and a wonderful family activity. Would recommend.
How to Make Balloon Animals