Arts and Crafts



Arts and Crafts projects are a great way to keep the kids busy> Not only does it keep them focused and amused for hours making wonderful, artistic creations but it always builds their creativity too.

Children have so much pride when they make things themselves and there are so many exciting arts and crafts kits for kids to have fun with.

We've got kids arts and craft products for kids of all ages; from pre-schoolers to teens (or even arty adults!)

An arts and crafts kit makes a great present or can simply be brought to store away until a rainy day or an 'I'm bored' moment!

We have such a diverse range of art kits for kids of all ages that cover a wide range of art activities for kids. At 'Whose Turn Now?' you can find sticker kits, books on how to draw, mosaic kits amd jewelry making kits. There are also bigger art projects such as a color in play house, kite making kits, needlecraft kits and books and materials on origami - we've got the lot!!

Check out our great range of arts and crafts activities for kids!