Great Buys for Young Astronomers!

Astronomy is a great hobby for kids. Learning about outer space, the planets and stars is fun and educational . We've found four great products that your young astronomer will just love!

Glow-in-the-Dark Constellations

This book is great to bring along to camping trips or as a gift to young astronomers keen to learn the basics.

It shows all the best known constellations over 80 beautifully illustrated sky maps. As well as teaching kids (and adults!) how to spot the formations in the night sky it also relates the legends behind each name.

Each constellation is shown in diagrammatic form opposite a picture showing how the stars look in the night sky - with the constellation revealing itself when you shine a torch on the page and watch it glow in the dark! There are hints and tips helping you know where to look to find each constellation as well as an explanation that the different constellations are only visible at certain times of year (which was news to me!)

This book keeps things simple and shows amateur astronomers, young and old, how to find the basic constellations in the sky. Overall, a great guide for young startgazers.

Kids First Big Book of Space

As you'd expect from National Geographic, this is a beautifully illustrated book which introduces younger children to the wonders of space. It's ideal for beginner readers and explains all the basics in a way younger budding astronomers will understand.

It covers topics such as the earth, moon and sun then expands on to other planets and the solar system. It also covers exciting things such as asteroids, black holes and space exploration.

Ideal for the younger siblings of star-obsessed kids who want to get in on the act or those who are showing an interest in their own right!

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A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations, and how You Can Find Them in the Sky

This book is another great introduction to astronomy for kids. It is packed with information on astronomers, the history of the universe, space exploration as well as where to find the main constellations.

It is great to find complex topics explained in such a simple way so that young kids can both read and digest the information presented.

This book also contains a really cool star wheel that will help your young stargazer locate the different constellations.

Written in an accessible style and peppered with cartoons and beautiful illustrations as well as 'side bar' facts and definitions, this is a great introduction to astronomy for kids.

Make Your Own Planetarium

If your kids (8+) have got the astronomy bug then this mini planetarium that they can assemble at home is bound to excite them.

This kids' planetarium  is recommended by the Science Museum and uses fun interactive exercises to help you kids learn about the solar system.

Your budding astronomer will just love making his or her own planetarium and along the way will learn a great deal about the night sky.

Once the kit has been assembled you get a real planetarium with a celestial dome and a luminous night sky that includes stars and constellations. 



There are some great astronomy products for kids and these four are sure to excite your young star gazer. They are simply cosmic!

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