Educational Games



Educational board games are a great way to learn while having fun!

These games are designed to spark the imagination, build up literary and numeracy skills as well as help unleash the inner artist!

Using educational board games for kids is a great way to get the kids learning while having a blast!

Amongst our educational games we've got math dice to make numeracy fun. story-telling and word games to boost literacy and matching games for younger players.

Our three highlights are the plastic pizzas to teach fractions, the book that shows you how to teach literacy, numracy and science in the garden as well as the new variants of scrabble that are now growing in popularity - who knew you could play a card game version or scrabble or that there was a new Turbo Slam version which is a high speed 4 letter word game? COOL!

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, so if your kids need help at school, enjoy educational games or simply want to show you how smart they are then these are the games to buy them!

Check out the great range of educational games from Whose Turn Now – we're adding new games all the time so keep checking our site as our range grows.