Cooperative Games



Co-operative games are a non-competitive way to have fun. Rather than compete against each other, as with traditional board games, players work together towards a common aim.

Co-operative games are played as a team - often against the game itself. This makes them a 'risk free' option for termperamental, sensitive or overly-competitive players - who may have a tendency to fall out with other players when they are losing. Co-operative games remove all that stress and pressure because players are not competing against one another.

Co-operative board games encourage collaboration rather than competition - either everybody wins or everybody loses – you're all in it together! They can be a good way to build or boost family relationships as well as childhood friendships - at the end of the game players celebrate or commiserate together; building a feeling of camaraderie!

They are a great solution for rainy days when the kids are working their way through the games cupboard and start to fall out. As the temperature hots up you can simply bring out a co-operative game and straight away you will have removed the element of competition so that peace can be restored!

There are co-operative board games for all ages and tastes. We've also found some great books on co-operative games and activities which can be played with teams or smaller groups.

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