Playing board games is a timeless pursuit. Popular board games have stood the test of time and are thriving despite the competition from online games.

Board games are for kids and adults alike and actually help bond the generations! There are also plenty of educational games that make learning lots of fun and help parents re-inforce literacy, numerary, the arts and sciences.

We just love so-called 'IQ Games' that are designed to stimulate and challenge. These are a great way to brain-train your kids!!

Strategy Games too will give your kids a great, fun way to learn how to make decisions and work towards an objective.

Sometimes though kids can get over-competitive which takes the fun out of playing. If this happens then bring out the co-operative games! These are designed for all participants to work together as a team to meet a common aim.

Last but not least - get a dose of nostalgia by playing traditional games and traditional board games - some say the old ones are the best. Grandparents will certainly agree with that - they just love playing old fashioned games with their grandkids!

So take a look at our hand-picked selection of favorite kids' games to find some real treasures.