Fisher Price Classic Record Player

  • The original 1971 Fisher Price Change-A-Record Music Box, or otherwise known as the Fisher Price Record Player, is back
  • An endearing classic
  • Features 10 songs on 5 records
  • Playable records store conveniently inside the record player
  • Handy carrying handle for tunes on the go


Amazon customer reviews of Fisher Price Classic Record Player

  • Many people will remember the original Fisher Price Record Player from the 70's- basically a wind up music box with a fancy outside. This new version is a bit different. The winder now controls the speaker instead of the music box and it's now electronic (yes it needs batteries). Each record compresses a different button and is recognized by the player which then plays the appropriate song.

    The sound quality is very good. While the interior design is different kids will still enjoy turning the crank and listening to the tune. It's a good way to give them a basic introduction to record players and it's still a fun nostalgic toy for adults.

    The records can be stored inside the record player and it comes with a handle for easy carrying.
Fisher Price Classic Record Player