Cootie is a mix and match game to create crazy critters. Kids may play solo or in groups. Each of four cooties assembles with 6 legs, mouth part, ears/hat, and eyes. Perfect for younger children because there is no reading required.

  • For Ages 3-6 yrs
  • Mix and match to create crazy critters
  • Perfect for younger children because there is no reading required
  • Two to Four players

Amazon customer review:

  • This classic game has been around for nearly half a century and is just as fun as ever. The bugs' faces are a bit goofier than before, but the object remains the same: to be the first to create your own Cootie. Just arrange the bug parts on the fold-out board and roll the die to win the parts you need. (Roll a 1 and pick a body, roll a 2 and select a head, roll a 3, etc.) Body parts are made of hard plastic and come in various mix-and-match colors. Small pieces are a danger to young children, so supervision is recommended. Instructions in English and Spanish. 
  • I played this game when I was younger and I thought everyone in my household would too. Just like I remembered it is fun and enjoyable. It is cute and an easy way to spend time with the kids and nobody feeling bad because they did not win. I really like this game a lot and I think others will too. Something fun to play on family game night, or nothing good is on television night.
  • Played this when I was young. My grandkids loved this!