Bubble:The Unbelievable Bubble Book

A celebration of the simple soap bubble. Equal parts science and fun. this book also includes instructions for using the attached bubble maker to create six foot rainbow bubbles. We don't call it unbelievable for nothing. 

Amazon customer reviews of Bubble:The Unbelievable Bubble Book

  • I bought this book for several of my kids (actually grand kids). We all had fun! More people should get outside and enjoy the simpler things in life like blowing big bubbles!
  • The book and the toy are all-around great, and I thoroughly recommend them. Try out the Bubble Thing, it's as good as what you fantasize it could be. The bubbles it makes are HUGE.
  • John Cassidy and David Stein did a great job on this book and the "Bubblething" that come with the book. I have a little girl who loves bubbles and this book and toy have been great fun. The truth be known I am having as much fun blowing these HUGE bubbles as she is chasing them down and popping them. I should warn you though all the kids on the block will be stopping by asking you to blow bubbles for them.
  • It's really about the "Bubble Thing". The book by itself is interesting, with lots of pictures, descriptions and history but you really have to get the "Bubble Thing". I'm in the business of (very) fun camps for children and although when I first had the thought of including a program on bubbles there were those who suggested it wouldn't work, wrong (Big Time Wrong). Kids love it. If you have children you won't regret investing in the "Bubble Thing", I don't.
  • My husband received this book several years ago as a 50th birthday present. It sat in it's wrapper for a couple of years-what does a grown man need with a Bubble Book? Well he has resurrected it and has had so much fun with it this summer. We took it to our family reunion, on vacation and to a chorus picnic, kids big and small are fascinated and want to try it. Give it a try--you will be hooked.
Bubble:The Unbelievable Bubble Book