Aunty Ruth's Apples - A Co-operative Card Game

This is a great simple math skill game. Aunty Ruth sends us into her orchards to gather apples, fill the boxes and bring them to her little store by the highway, where lots of people stop by.

  • Players work together to gather apples from the orchards for Aunty Ruth's store
  • Mathematical skills get a workout when we figure out how many apple collections we have managed to harvest
  • Enjoy family game time more by playing with one another rather than against each other
  • For 2 to 4 players ages 4 to 7 years


There are four different kinds of apples to pick. Aunty Ruth wants some to sell for eating, some for making cider & juice, some for baking and some for sauces. Each player spins to see from which orchard to pick apples. But watch out for the wormy ones or those chewed up by deer! When everyone has had a turn at the spinner, we help to fill as many of the different boxes as we can with the apples we picked, and count up how many different boxed collections we managed to finish. Then Aunty Ruth pays our crew for the work done. Thus, our math skills of adding and dividing get some practise. Apple picking is indeed hard work, but really worthwhile! Includes: 35 cards, spinner, store charts, and rules.

Customer review for Aunty Ruth's Apples co-operative game

  • A simple and fun game of sorting apples into crates. A great game to play around Fall apple harvest time. The crates you are able to fill will earn you your pay for the day. Try to fill them all, but you only have 8 turns to complete the orders.


Play as friends, not as enemies! Co-operative games foster the spirit of cooperation. Players help each other ... they never play against each other. After all, the initial impulse to play a game is social; that is, we bring out a game because we want to do something together. How ironic then that in most games, we spend all our efforts trying to bankrupt someone, destroy their armies - in other words, to get rid of one another!

Aunty Ruth\'s Apples - A Co-operative Card Game