Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Kids of all ages just love getting messy and creating something special to show mom and dad. It's a great 'rainy day' activity that also has the added bonus of producing something to enjoy and feel proud of afterwards.

Making things also boosts skills development in kids. It's great for refining fine motor skills, developing color concepts and problem solving - after all they will need to rectify all those little problems that are bound to crop up as they go through the creative process.

Art is a recognized way for kids to express their emotions as well as to show off their skills. Sometimes kids who struggle academically may excel in arts and crafts - so what better way to build their confidence than to focus on all the things they do so well.

Simple Rules doing Art and Crafts with Kids:

Age and level appropriate

Don't print off an activity from the net without considering if it is something your child is actually capable of. You don't want to set them up to fail. Also think about whether they will be closely supervised, the equipment they will have to use, the time available and how much mess they are allowed to make!

Stock up on arts and crafts supplies  

The next step is to ensure that you have all the materials that you need. Set up a drawer or two crammed with artistic equipment; paper, card, crayons, paints, pencils, stickers, tissue paper, glitter and so on. If it's all so readily available it will encourage your kids to entertain themselves by drawing, painting, gluing and so on – a much better alternative than the TV!

Organizing arts and crafts for kids needn't require planning and preparation. You can buy ready-to-use art kits for mosaics, sticking, jewellery-making and so on which may be a great solution for busy moms.

Show them arts and crafts ideas

Get involved in showing your kids how to do various art techniques. Even gluing and painting need tuition – how much to put on the brush, wiping off excess and so on. For older kids you can teach them new crafts or learn together by exploring art project books.

Give them artistic freedom

There is no right or wrong way in art - there is just self-expression. Give your child the space and confidence to create their own art. Encourage them and praise them. Even if it doesn't come out exactly right you can probably point out good things about it such as use of color or a great idea. If your child seems disappointed encourage them to keep at it as practice makes perfect… well even if not perfect it surely makes better!


Show your kids the artistic potential of everyday objects – fantastic art and home products can be made with things we regularly chuck out as junk. So teach them valuable environmental lessons by encouraging art made from trash!

Arts and crafts is a very rewarding activity for kids alone or as an activity to do with friends, siblings, parents or grandparents.