Art For All Seasons (Kids Art Series)

Art for All Seasons is a well-thought-out handbook of nature-inspired art adventures that can be explored over and over with different results each time. Perfect for parents, teachers, grandparents or anyone working with children making art! The nature-based lessons are beautifully illustrated with more than 400 full-color photographs of the process and additional inspirational images of contemporary artists’ work. Included is information on how to set up a simple home studio, a comprehensive list of materials, how to display and save kid’s art work and ideas surrounding making art with others. A recipe chapter shows how to make some of your own materials and how to use standard art materials. Each lesson is a great springboard of ideas for anyone wanting to be inspired by the natural world to make art. Art for All Seasonswill be your perennial go-to book when making art with children.

Following on the heels of her wildly successful series, Art Lab for Kids, Susan Schwake and her husband, Rainer Schwake, bring us the new Kids Art Series with this first title—Art for All Seasons. Susan Schwake is an artist, art educator, author and curator. Her passion for teaching over the past 20 years has found her working in many diverse settings, and her own art school, which operates in conjunction with their gallery and design firm in New Hampshire: artstreamstudios.com.


Amazon customer reviews of Art for All Seasons

  • If you're looking for fun art projects you can do with kids all year round (it's organized around the four seasons), this is a great source. It's 140 pages are packed with 400 color photos, simple directions, and easy-to-inspire examples. There are good old-fashioned projects (potato-print snowflakes), fun new ideas (make a mandala out of an old LP record), as well as contemporary twists on the traditional (cut-paper quilts and scrap-collage flowers). Best of all, a good number of the projects will work for a wide range of abilities, accommodating beginning artists as well as more sophisticated ones, the limits being only that of imagination and inclination (feather paintings, accordion books, drawing nature, relief printed cards, plein-air painting....). Impossible not to find at least a few inspired kids' art activities here that will work for you.
  • I really enjoyed this book. The arrival of a new season usually gets my family in the mood to create and lucky for us, that is the way this book is laid out. Drawing inspiration from artists in all types of mediums, Art for All Seasons provides clear instruction and direction covering projects in all different types of materials. There is truly something for everyone in this book, not just kids!
  • This book is wonderful! Not only is the format easy to follow, but the ideas range from classic(May Day baskets) to totally original(bubble fish mobile.). My daughter and I love this series and will be giving it as gifts to her close friends and relatives!