Activity Cones

Grab a stack of these sturdy plastic cones and head outside to play.-Great for traditional outdoor games and so much more.-Exciting cones will stay standing tall and looking great.-Playtime after playtime. Includes: -Included play guide suggests dozens of exciting activities, from races to balance games. Color/Finish: -Four different colors and two textures make every cone unique.-Durably built and cast in fade-resistant colors. Specifications: -8 Activity cones.

  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested to be safe and durable
  • Great fun for your baby and child
  • Set of eight plastic cones to encourage active play
  • Includes eight cones in four different colors and two textures, each cone is unique
  • Thorough play guide with dozens of indoor and outdoor activity ideas
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Great value

Amazon customer reviews of Activity Cones:

  • glad i made this purchase. very durable and sturdy. my toddler son plays construction. bikes around... makes obstacle courses. my 2 yr old daughter wears them as hats, counts, sorts, etc. great product. they play with it quite often. wish it were taller but i guess now it is easier for little ones to hold and carry around and not get hurt. 8, 2 of each color and great purchase for the money too.
  • These get played with a lot around here. My kids have made games with them, worn them on their heads, used them for trapping crickets... :) Simple and sturdy. Colors are bright, with different textures as well. Can't really go wrong with these. No batteries. Pure, kid-imagination-powered fun.
  • These cones are durable, transportable, stack-able, colorful and fun for kids of all ages. We have used them for everything under the sun - sports events, pretend play (hats) yard sales, outdoor games with the kids, and safety (managing neighborly yard boundaries when we have younger kids over to play). I wish more came in a set...they are a good size, easy to see in grass that hasn't been mowed for a couple of weeks, and the colors haven't faded much in the sun.
  • This is an extremely high quality set of cones. Yes, some of you may be wondering, it's just frigging cones. Yes and I do think that for some, this set is an overkill. But these cones are extremely sturdy. I can even stand on it and it won't bent at all. Younger ones can stack them and create various things. And for older kids, it works very well for various sporting needs.
Activity Cones